A La Carte & the Logic Behind it

A new experiment to get closer to a client's "sweet spot" for affordable and consistent sessions.

In order to make my services accessible to more people and more effictive for my current clients, I am rolling out an A La Carte service line-up.   

The idea is to offer services at a more affordable rate in exchange for an increase in the likelihood clients will show up to their originally scheduled appointment.

The idea for a more affordable rate was initiated in response to inquiries about why my client's referrals are hesitant to book.  And I understand.  We just emerged from a pandemic and now we are being submerged in a "recession" narrative (I'm not saying that we are heading for one or that we're not - I am just acknowledging the narrative that the mass media outlets are circulating.)  So, in exchange for the opportunity to expand my client base, I am happy to make the services more accessible by temporarily reducing the price of each session (for now.)   

The A La Carte offerings are more strict for several reasons.  The first is that I will have to see more clients to meet my personal income needs.  The second is to solve a problem I see emerging with my current clients.  I have been very understanding an accomodating about clients needing to reschedule at the last minute.  And I am very happy with the ability to work with them in a way that promotes unconditional positive regard.  What I didn't expect was for my clients to use flexibility as a way to put their needs last.  It has been a gradual shift, but I see the pattern clearly now - flexibility is actually encouraging my clients put their own needs last.  So, now flexibility will only be offered as an upgraded service with an extra fee and the frequency of flexibility will be limited. 


It is important to know that some of my clients (and countless other people who are healing from trauma) are putting themselves last because their brains are overriding their desire to show up and do deep healing work.  Our brains are so brilliant at preventing perceived pain that sometimes our brains make us avoid the pain by "erasing" the file that says "you have an appointment today."  I have seen it happen to every single client I have who is working through trauma, regardless of where the clients are on their healing journey or how much they were looking forward to our session.  It is so fascinating to observe, but it is not fun for my clients.  They feel TERRIBLE about it and, for that reason alone, I am making it harder for their brains to trick them.  I hope it works!

I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts about these ideas.  Please email them to info@ShanaEtAlia.com.


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